Prioritising early stage financing and support to exciting new, innovative travel businesses.

Who are We?

Genki Travel Ventures is the advisory, financing, investment and incubation arm of Genki International Partners Ltd.

Targeting the fast-growing travel, aviation and airline sectors, we identify and execute early stage investments and financing in support of ongoing segment expansion, and disruption.

With ongoing growth in the Travel segment supported by fundamentals, we catalyse the bringing together of many new market entrants and early stage participants, with a wide range of investors with significant travel sector appetite.

What we do

Deploying our expertise in the travel, aviation and airline segments, we source, evaluate and market exciting investment propositions.

In particular, Genki Travel Ventures focus on businesses or projects that can demonstrate top calibre talent and technology deployed to address a particular travel segment opportunity.

We cover equity investment through to project financing. Supporting and guiding business and financial plan development and preparation of investor propositions. Along with sourcing and closing of investors, drawn from our database.

Our People

Genki Travel Ventures deploy a team of expert individuals with proven track records in the travel, aviation and airline sectors.

Our people apply their financial, talent and technology experience to identify and screen which opportunities in the target segments have the highest potential for success.

With backgrounds in senior positions in successful travel, aviation and airline businesses worldwide, we believe that our people have a deep understanding of the target sectors and know what it takes to succeed.